Iā€™m Kat!

A writer, creative-type, who is prone to wander and is probably dancing at any given moment. I am an English literature student and published writer based out of Vancouver, Canada - hello all my fellow PNW roamers!

I have been told I have a way with words, but I think words have a way with me.

They have a way of getting under my skin, going around in my head and itching my fingertips until I get them out on paper. They are stamped on my memory, and I remember with eerie clarity the moments I heard certain words for the first time. I remember being wedged between my siblings in the back of the car when my mom introduced my to paraphernalia, and the way the snow was falling outside when Anne of Green Gables taught me alacrity. If I believe one thing, it is this:

Words have tremendous power.

Whether you intend it or not, words have energy, and the ability to uplift or inspire; to persuade or proclaim. Everyday we are moulded by the words which touch our ears, or pass our lips. We are armed with powerful weapons, and the responsibility to bear them well.

So why not let someone you trust do the heavy lifting?