Art is Moving

Listen how Tupac accompanies the bitter dirge of those whining about how hip hop has changed (Meek is weak, man); watch as Mona Lisa nods along with the stiff-necked folk who mourn the renaissance era (anyone can splatter paint on a canvas and give it an obscure name).

Those who complain about how art has changed are the same people who still have iOS 7 on their phone, and mention how cheap coffee used to be every time they pull out of the drive-thru. They like things to stay the same; I mean, why fix what is not broken right?

Personally, I find it rather ignorant. Of course art has changed!

No one looks at a child and says, “Ah, tis a shame that you are not exactly like you were two years ago. What a pity.”

Rather, we understand that each year alters us slightly; each success, heartbreak, forgotten name, and sideways glance paints our soul a different colour. Whether we are better or worse is debateable, but the fact that we have changed is not.

Likewise, the world which art has been commissioned to reflect and interpret is ever evolving and so it is only natural that art itself would do the same.

Hush now, I hear you sputtering – Katrina, you said you would only speak of beautiful things in this blog and not gripe about the less-than-ideal. So you are right.

The fact that art has changed and will continue to change is beautiful. I cannot think of anything more boring than perusing an art gallery lined with paintings of the exact same style and inspiration, or turning on the radio only to find that I cannot decipher one song from the other.

Art is not static! This is good.

Accept this fact, and you will see growth in other areas of your life as well. You will not question everything when you realize that your marriage is not the same as it was ten years ago. Your hands will not shake as you hand in the letter of resignation to a job you thought you always wanted.

Oh, and you will not pollute Facebook’s newsfeed with a bitter status when the new Star Wars movie is released.

Because change is good.