if you must know

I fell in love with you twice before Tuesday.

Once - when you were stirring the pot of soup

And again - when you unzipped my insecurities

And left them in a pile on the floor.

Don’t get a big head about it though.

I also fell in love with the lady at the convenience store

Because she tied my tulips with a bow

And the four o’clock sun

Because it said my name with a trilled r

Fine. I love your Everest shoulders.

And how your voice deepens when you wear a tie

But - I also love the stranger reading Tolstoy on the treadmill

And the sound of waves beating their existence on the sand.

I love the secrets that hide in a glass of wine

And days where the sky rides on my shoulders.

I love books in foreign languages

And old wives shouting at deaf husbands.

Courage. Jazz with closed eyes.

One hand on the wheel. Autumn.

I love cigarettes after fighting.

Hope’s prying fingers.

The sea.


And you.

Katrina Martinbranch1