while you sleep and i drink espresso

I fell in love with you twice before Tuesday.

Once, when you were stirring the pot of soup

And again, when you unzipped my insecurities

And left them in a pile on the floor.


Do not get a big head about it though -

I also fell in love with the lady at the convenience store

Because she tied my tulips with a bow

And the four o’clock sun

Because it said my name with a trilled r


Sure, I may love your Everest shoulders

And how your voice gets deeper when you wear a tie

But I also love the stranger reading Tolstoy on the treadmill

And the sound of waves beating their existence upon the sand.


There is no slamming of doors at the convenience store

And I do not wonder if the sun will be here in the morning.

The stranger reading Tolstoy has no unkind words

And waves are patient.


So do not brag

That I fell in love with you twice before Tuesday.